There is an Undeniable Link between
Animal cruelty & human violence

Project OneSong, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is a humane education adventure that introduces at-risk students to sanctuary animals.

The Program

Project OneSong is an extraordinary adventure that teaches empathy and compassion as an alternative to violence.

The adventure begins in the classroom and ramps-up to an awe-inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime expedition to a wild animal sanctuary.

The Results

Project OneSong provides a rare and compelling interpersonal experience where students discover that THEY have the power to make a positive difference.

While the most exciting result is a decreased interest in gang-related activity and violence, the program also benefits the students by boosting:

  • Self-esteem and desire to achieve personal goals
  • Relationship & communication skills
  • Interest in academics, the arts and continued education
  • Desire for a more productive and kinder lifestyle
  • Desire and capability to mentor others in their community

From the animals at the sanctuary, the students learn about:

  • Loyalty, Trust & Respect
  • Family Values & Friendship
What People Are Saying
Empathy and compassion is the answer in this world...a program like this is brilliant.

Jennifer Lee Pryor and the late,
great Richard Pryor


  This has been an amazing and uplifting experience for our foster children. I am very grateful to Project OneSong for making these experiences possible and more importantly, for their commitment to helping children learn valuable life lessons.

Victoria Rowell, Actress and founder of
The Rowell Foster Children's Positive Plan

Project OneSong allows youth to literally soar above the clouds, and takes them to a place where, for a few hours, they learn lessons that will last a lifetime.

Before becoming involved with Project OneSong, the youth that I work with only saw the world as being, black, brown and flat. As Kevin and Susan drove them away from what was familiar, their eyes widened, and somber faces turned into sunshine. They had taken these kids to a place where they vividly saw the colors of rainbow. As they were allowed to become one with nature and animals alike, they were encouraged to feel free to express themselves, develop social skills, and learn team building skills.

Without programs like Project OneSong, inner city youth would not have many opportunities to experience life outside of their community which promotes growth and self esteem.

Chantez Pratts, Director,
Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Clubs

"Majestic and powerful."
I will always remember these words given by a Project OneSong student while recalling his visit with our elephants...and he soon used these words to also describe himself. He may not have been aware at the time, but he was unlocking a higher respect for his inner self. He was also discovering that while he was developing empathy and compassion for animals and others, he was finding healthier alternatives to violence.

Through our work with Project OneSong and the McCourts, I am honored that we are helping to instill the ethics of gentleness for all living creatures.

Pat Derby
Founder and President


I have personally enjoyed observing the changes in many of the young people that have come to visit PAWS over the last decade. Their questions about animals are honest, and their hearts, sincere. I only wish that some adults were so open to the big picture.

I truly look forward to working with the McCourts and the Project OneSong kids for generations to come.

Ed Stewart
Founder and Sanctuary Director


In my 20 years of working with PAWS, I have been fortunate to have worked alongside many professional leaders in the field of animal protection and environmental awareness. While all are intelligent and many are motivating, Kevin and Susan McCourt truly sparkle. Their unwavering commitment to each child of Project OneSong is inspirational and moving.

Through their stewardship of this unique program, the McCourts shepard a movement of change to those most at risk, but with most to gain.

Forging uphill miles, with hope as their compass, they are completing the circle of love and compassion for so many.

Kim Gardner
Program Director


What this program has done for these Students is amazing.

Shirley Allen
Director of Communities in Schools, South Bay

The Inspiration

The statistics were shocking - more than 40 dead in random, unprovoked attacks, with a level of violence that stunned even veteran investigators.

The gruesome serial murders were quickly solved, though, when investigators zeroed in on the perpetrators -- a gang of young males. But, even though they had learned who committed the crimes, they didn't understand why.

Detective work answered that question. The youngsters, who had been living without male role models, were running wild with no sense of ethics or consequences.

Officials decided on a course of action: they would bring in a group of adult males to exert their influence and guidance over the mob. Almost immediately, the aberrant behavior - and the killing - stopped.

This story could have taken place in any inner city. Astonishingly, it happened far from human civilization in the jungles of South Africa's Pilanesberg Park. The victims were rhinoceros, and this rogue gang of young males was not human - they were elephants. But the parallels to human criminal behavior, particularly in the inner cities, are unmistakable.

To us at Project OneSong this story is horrific, yet hopeful. It is hopeful in the sense that we, as humans, recognized that violent behavior was a simple, correctable problem - AND THEN SUCCESSFULLY SOLVED IT.

Contact Us

Kevin McCourt


Susan McCourt


Susan McCourt donates her time as Vice President of Caring Strokes, a non-profit/501(c)3 organization that is the lead fiscal agency for Project OneSong.

Board Members

Ms. Elizabeth Gorcey, Founder
Dr. Rachel Berkowitz, Cedar Sinai
Mr. Montgomery Roberts, Secretary
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Project OneSong's fiscal agency is Caring Strokes, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.
Feel free to send any questions or feedback to:
Compton Students
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Watts Students
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